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Our Items

Aftermath Vintage commits to provide each of its customer a unique experience : the item you will select will exactly be the one you will receive at your place. Indeed, each item is rigorously selected and has passed quality inspection. Each item is carefully photographed to highlight colours, jean fading and designs. Indeed, each selected Aftermath Vintage’s item is unique and doesn’t look like to any other one.

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Our Commitments

Few years ago, clothes were made to last. Nowadays’ clothes don’t last anymore. Our selected items have been made with best fabrics and materials, ensuring about their quality and resilience. Aftermath Vintage stands against cheap human workforce exploitation. We are committed to the preservation of our ressources and our future. We recycle second-hand clothes and turn them into trendy and unique items.

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Every week we release our latest items on our website : jeans trousers, sherpa jackets, etc. Follow us on our Instagram account @aftermathvintage Stay tuned! not to miss this weekly opportunity !