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Aftermath Vintage measures all of its products in order to provide you with each product’s accurate European size. But are you sure to know your Denim’s size ?

Here’s a little guide for you to easily make sure about your size from the famous small brown label on Denim’s clothes.

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The first thing to know:

Vintage Levi's jeans cut small!

This is why it matters to convert American sizes that are on the brown label to your own size.

You will find 2 numbers on each brown label :

The first number following the letter W corresponds to the size (Waist);

the 2nd number wih the letter L corresponds to the length of the crotch (Length).

Levis vintage 501 jeans

Choose the right W size:

As most of the people know, for a new Levi's jeans, you pick up the US W size and you add 10 to get the European size, for example a 26US will make a 36 as European size. This is true for new jeans Levi's but not for Vintage ones!

Vintage Levi’s jeans’ design had been based on the classic way of wearing jeans, meaning slim! Hence, you’d find your European W size based on these two rules :

EUR size = US size + 8

Not to expect my denim jeans to stretch over time (because it surely had been designed with no spandex)

For example if your European size is between 36 and 38, the 28US will be a bit too small: prefer a 29US to fit you perfectly.

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Choose the right L size:

With Levis, you can also adapt the length of the crotch: there are 5 lengths: L28 L30 L32 L34 L36.

It is worth noting that Vintages Levi’s jeans are often altered so that the inscribed L length doesn’t correspond anymore to the product. We make sure for each jean the accurate length and we indicate it in all of our products’ description.

Note : Also that on a Levi's 501, the longer the original length (L ..) is, the longer the fork. The fork is the length that goes from the button to the crotch through the fly. For example: A Levi's of W28L34 will have a longer fork than a W28L30, that is to say it will rise higher to the waist.

Having the good L size makes thus a difference in your outfit!

Our advice:

If you are taller than 1.78m, select at least a L34 or L36 size;

If you are between 1.68m and 1.78m, prefer L32, L34 or L36 sizes;

If you are less tall than 1.68m, feel free to choose whatever L size.

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In which way would you wear your jeans ?

3 ways to wear Levis vintage jeans : slim, boyfriend or mom.


Choose it according to your size.

For example : if your European size is 36, go for 28US (W28).

Slim jeans means skin-tight. Its medium-height waist size will highlight your waistline and behind, and falls straight down to your ankles.


We recommend you to choose one size up your usual US size.

For example : if your European size is 36 or your US size is 28US, go for 29US (W29) size.

Boyfriend shapes could be regular or low waist size. We usually wear it on the hips, and the crotch size is quite low. Boyfriend jeans fit straight and loose all the legs down.


We recommend your Mom jeans 2 or 3 US sizes up your usual size.

For example : if you fit usually 36 European size or 28 US size, go for 30US size (W30) or 31 US size (W31).

Mom jeans are high-waist size to highlight your waistline. They are skin-tight on behinds, then loose on thighs. They fall straight the legs down then.

Sherpa jackets and Trucker jackets

Good to know ! On the brown label inside of the jacket is written a number related to the each Levis’ jackets styles. Here are the most common styles :

- 70500 : Slim Trucker male style, fitted, with 2 chest pockets and without side pockets ;

- 70590 «  Slim Trucker » and « For Girls » female style, fitted without side pockets ;

- 71500 : 90’s Sherpa Trucker

Sherpa Levi’s jackets made before 1990’s don’t come with brown label but with red and white fabric label.

Levis vintage sherpa jacket

For Men :

Sherpa jackets and Trucker jackets will fit your usual size.

For Women :

70590 «  Slim Trucker » and « For Girls » female style will fit your usual size. If you want to wear male style, you should take one size down your usual size, so that the jackets you’ll get won’t be fitted but with a nice oversize style.

Sherpa jackets could be worn by both women and men. But their brown label show only male size.

If you want to buy a new Levi’s jean jacket, you can take your usual size. If you want to buy a vintage Sherpa Levi’s jean jacket, bear in mind that it fits bigger.

In that case, you should rather take one size down your usual size.

For example : Levi’s jackets usual size – 1 = Vintange Sherpa Levi’s jacket size.

If your European usual size is S or 36, you would better take European XS or 34 size for a vintage item.

In the case you want to wear it classical meaning « oversize », you can take your usual size or even bigger according to your style.

For example : If your European usual size is S or 36, you can take the same size or M or 38 size for a vintage item with oversize style.

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