About us

Who We Are

Founded in 2018, Aftermath is a family-business specialized in the Vintage Denim, based in the city of Nîmes, the Jean Denim capital, in the South of France.

Aftermath Vintage: Histoire Nîmes Jeans Denim

Our Values

Our selected products are unique and authentic items that are no longer made in the industry : this is their value. We actively believe in sustainable development. When mass fast-fashion, waste and programmed obsolescence spread over, we think that it is necessary to consume differently, to return back to basics : simple, quality products, accessible for all, for ecological and economic reasons. Aftermath Vintage is the quality insurance to get clothes from the fair economy that uses untreated textiles. Instead of going for disposable fashion and overconsumption, we activate British designer Vivienne Westwood’s phrase "Buy less, Choose well, Make it last".

Quality First

Back in the days, clothes were made to last. The clothes we find today on the market do not have this durability. Our products are those that have been made with the best fabrics and textiles, thus ensuring their quality, strength and durability. Each Vintage product is rigorously selected and passes strict quality checks before being delivered to our client.

Environmentally Friendly

"Dressing in an ethical way means buying Fair Trade clothing and accessories, made from organic textiles or made from recycled clothing, which is more environmentally friendly, generates less waste and contributes to a sustainable and an ethical model of production."

Aftermath Vintage stands up against the exploitation of cheap workforce and is respectful of every single worker at the other end of the scale. We are 100% committed to preserving our environment. We recycle used clothes and turn them into unique products according to the latest trends..

Aftermath Vintage: History

In addition of being Vintage Denim specialized company, Aftermath Vintage belong to one movement which stands for uniqueness in the fashion world, and for a sustanable and trendy fashion world.

Aftermath Vintage: History

Each Levi’s jeans clothes, jackets or shorts bear its own history through its seams, its manufactured buttons, its folds. They went trough the years, having their own life, and they’re still there, with their unique fading style. They went along with their owners all around the world, being sold or exchanged, providing them with its unique style and background.

Aftermath Vintage: History