Quality assurance & Practical guide

Quality assurance

The Jeans, Jackets and Shorts sold by Aftermath Vintage are the celebration of Levi's heritage and the continuation of its history. Each piece is photographed with the utmost care, with the concern of preserving the colors, so that everyone can find the fading and the cut that fits oneself. Because each article is unique and unlike any other.

Aftermath Vintage is committed to giving its customers a unique experience: the item you select on our site is the article you will receive at home.

In order to better help you in your choices, we evaluate each product according to its condition.

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Practical Guide

Trying on

Vintage jeans Levi's are 100% cotton jeans, without Elastane so no stretch. The first time, you will surely encounter difficulties to put on it, it will even seem to you too small ...

Here is the method :

Take some time to put it on, with the heat of your body, the jeans will relax little by little.

Start with the first 2 buttons at the bottom of the fly. Bend your knees a little, let the jeans fit your body and end up buttoning flattening the belly.

You can not breathe? It's okay! In less than 2 hours you may be a little disappointed that your jeans begin to relax.


Ideally, wash your 501 as less as possible. In case of a stain, scrub with some Marseille soap and rinse with clear water. Ventilate as often as possible.

If you need to clean it, wash it on the underside at 30 degrees.

The Aftermath Vintage Team